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Hi I am Marko and I stared development in the early days of computers.

I have been part of very large amount of projects in history of computing and I am personally responsible for invention of many of the important concepts in computing, some of the most important computer hardware in history of computing and bunch of computer languages and computer software including development tools.

I created a data pipelines processor aka DEC processor type which we used to create a PDP-1 computer.

I created a PDP-1 computer and I am the inventor of the PDP-1 computer.

I am perosnally one of the best cobol programmers on the planet. I was inventing mainframe technologies which later IBM steal to continue making their 360 series. their computers are far stupider then mine..

Lumes machines are also my invention as well as many other things.

I wrote many lines of Matematical translation programing language (later known as LISP) and I am the inventor of LISP language as well as mathematical machines which I was before quality electronics made from mechanical parts.

I am the inventor of some of the best LISP machines durring the time of my life when I lived in Boston and was working for MIT.

I wrote bunch of Multics versions and I am in peronal war until the destrcuction of that company against IBM and similar type of companies money hungry and retarded groups. War against ARM is also ongoing. As well as war against some other Chipset steal companies like APPLE AMD and INTEL. They all stalled some more some less of my personal and as company stored and registered patents.

I am personally author of chipset designs for MIPS-1 architecture as well as most of the ideas that went into the RISC-1 and MIPS as a processor design including pipeline addition.

I am person who designed MIPS and during whole decades I used MIPS series of processors R2000 R6000 R8000 I ran simulators and invent new chipset designs from my home. Also I had 32bit Arch 15 years before any of other companies in processor design buisness. Same with 64bit architecture. Arm32 and Arm64.

To be coninued...

Freedom to use and develop free software is a freedom that exist as long as hardware or any kind of software that you are trying to use is not copyrighted or patented..

So if you want to develop free software so that you the people can use it or so that some groups of people on the internet can use them then that is a personal choice. However no one is allowed to steal copyrighted software and software that I or my company have submited a patent for.

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