Anti Viral legislation

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This is a blog post that propose some of the ideas of how to prevent future problems related to experimenting with bio technologies.

Anti Viral Legislation proposal

As you all know and hear from various sources COVID-19 have halted the planet as viruses do not know for borders and my proposal is that we also need to have some future International legislation that will be must sign agreement by all countries and with it all companies that reside in any country.

I will not waste time here giving you details about number of deaths or progression of spreading of virus nor different type of future prognosis not just about how long the virus will last, how possible is for it to evolve before we do anything serious about it, nor the death prognosis in future months. Instead what I will write about will be my concise view and idea which is idea of me as individual that should be adopted globally in some form.

One of the problems we are facing is something that I spoke many years ago when bio-tech and bioinformatics companies started appearing and that is that they are starting to work like a regular business startup in pretty much non legislated field.

After the pandemic I am pretty sure that people will understand that regulation of the BioTech and BioIndustry fields must not be left to the countries and their views of acceptable but rather be enforced by the International Organisation which will have power to oversee control and if needed shutdown, suspend companies, or even in case of by government sponsored research propose sanctions for a country that violate agreement which in bad but not worst instance could even lead to war with the country who is breaking the agreement on non malicious experiments in Biology BioTechnology and Bio Informatics. The worst case as you know is not a war toward one country that break the agreement but global pandemic that kills so many innocent.

Currently the only serious bodies that regulate that area are Congress in USA and some International organisations that do not have any power to shutdown a company or propose sanctions to a country that is violating the agreement. We will need to have much serious inspections by international organisation of current biotech insitutes and companies.

Also what I would propose might sound a bit harsh but in the long run it is for benefit of all people on the planet.

So the idea is to actually make a serious International organisation that will be funded by all UN countries with a fixed percentage of BDP and by that that would be governed by the UN but actually be a sovereign organisation independent from influence of any country big or small rich or poor. The international organisation should be filled with best qualified experts from the field no lawyers no politicians allowed who will be payed by that institution to work publicly on overseeing work in any and every biotech company and biotech institute in the world anything for beginning biology related.

They will not be payed by the companies they work in but the International organisation they will report to that same organisation, they will have power to propose closing down the company. Everything that company or institution work on need to be seanable by them. The sanctions to the individuals that oversee and to the owners of the companies and by that also employees who work on such products should be drastic.

What I’m trying to say is that in a long run and in short run experimenting with biotechnology on evolving the viruses or bacterias or anything else that is not overseen and accepted by the international organisation is bigger problem for humanity then Nuclear Fusion and fision bombs.

I personally do ML and I am trying from my side with kaggle datasets and other public sources to help as much as I can so no I do not propose from fear closing of biotech companies and institutes and halting the industry. As in the short and also long run that is an industry that could help humanity future viral problems.

So I want to silence all of the crazy scared people that are saying to close the BioTech or BioInformatics as analysis of genome sequences analysis of protein synthesis and many other things can be very helpful to humanity to in the future make humans not injectable by currently available and maybe some future viruses and bacterias.

Yes bacterias do evolve but as I said humans do not evolve from humans into something else but should as me evolve every day with expansion of knowledge with various research work in areas of science especially Machine Learning and Bio Technology but as well as Computer Science, as we make most of the algorithms machines software that make that work possible, work in Physics which with different breakthroughs in material science or plasma related science also help a lot.

I think that something that we all should take from the current pandemic is that we all should continue working harder then before on researches and development in our own areas so that we can contribute to the future prevention of this typeof problems.

The only reason why I am writing this post and this proposal is that we should not allow anytime in the future for something like this to happen by design, by anyone strategic decision or by any company mishandling of equipment.