EU-Connect application

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Match EU

Mobile app and a platform for doing questionnaires.

App that help students to learn together while COVID19 prevent people from schooling.
Additionally platform is pretty much content agnostic. Meaning many type of studies will be supported and content depend on the onboarded school
Although features that are planned to be added will be added only in stages dependent on the amount of funding and amount of developers that I will have to work with.

Basically backend is done. minor tweaks are implemented in less then an hour.
However for a mobile app I will need roughly 250+ hours to implement it perfectly enough. Its a native app.

For every additional feature and release I need at least similar amount of hours.
So there will be at least 3 stages meaning first stage is just a regular questionnaire app.
Second stage is far more content based app with different type of formats for lessons as well as text based communication and built in forum support.
Additionally I will focus in the 3rd stage on improving the quality and ways of the communication between users.

A RESTful API for the MatchEU mobile and WebApp applications. Contribute